When the heart wins

That’s when I heard it. The quiet voice, delicate at first, then as I listened it became louder and louder. I allowed this new voice space and I listened closely – I found wisdom in this voice and it said, “all of those things will wait.”

Where are our Men?

We need men who stand their ground but know throwing punches is not the way forward. We need men who will step up and be Men.


Imagine living your life with the belief that you are okay. Emotionally you are stable. Mentally you are well. Physically you are strong. Soulfully you are whole. Imagine living your life thinking things are okay. That you relate well to those around you. That you have purposeful work. That you strive for meaning everyday. That … Continue reading Intimacy

Winter is coming…

Wednesday June 21 sees us in the Southern Hemisphere experiencing our Winter Solstice.  Every year we have 2 solstices, summer and winter. It marks the seasonal change from Autumn to Winter and Spring to Summer.  Metaphysically, Winter Solstice marks the day where we prepare to descend into the deeper parts of our psyche. It prepares … Continue reading Winter is coming…

Chocolards, anyone?

“Mama always said life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” Forest Gump, Forest Gump (1994) Discussing life and exhaustion with my husband the other night (okay so sobbing and throwing an adult tantrum is more like it) this quote jumped into my head. Recently I’ve felt like life is … Continue reading Chocolards, anyone?

Riding a wild donkey

“What?!” I hear you read, stay with me for I’m feeling inspired… A cherished friend and I were talking about the “plans” we have and the “things” we want to do, you know, the list of creative stuff you’ve got stored within you that some days is bursting to get out, and we both started … Continue reading Riding a wild donkey